What’s the Philosophy?

“Saints” are extremely kind people, they are patient, generous, and free from love and hate. Saints are Real advisers, they are selfless and possess great wisdom.

UX Saints practice the same and would like to contribute to making the World Wide Web, a pleasant experience. UX Saints love to provide tips for amazing User Interface and User Experience.

PS: UX Saints are fictional characters in uxsaints.com, Created, and Imagined by Anjali Kushwah.

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Anjali Kushwah

Visual and User Experience Designer 

Hi! I am working as a Creative Lead with Rubico IT (American based company) since 2011. I specialize in translating business ideas into interactive, delightful User Interfaces and Experiences.

Experienced in handling all US clients, and their expectations in terms of designs and user experiences. I drive requirements and UI from product concept to release by consulting customers, defining features, designing user flows, wireframes, prototypes and quality assurance. My goal is to deliver intuitive design solutions and offer clear call-to-action. 

Every outcome is beautiful when you love your work, My passion for design has grown overages. You come up with any complex design or business idea. I would say, Challenge Accepted!

Apart from my love for designs and creativity, I write poetry, watch movies and hang out with friends.

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