How to Design a Great Logo that Makes Your Client Happy

Estimated Timeline: 2 Weeks

Meeting Required: Minimum 2


Step 1: Start-Up Meeting


Meet with your client to find the answer of these questions:

  1. What is the exact logo text?
  2. Understand the Business.
  3. Know about the Target Audience.
  4. Do they need a Wordmark logo or a Graphic mark logo?
  5. Ask for 5 logos they like.
  6. Ask a tagline which represents their business goal. It’s not necessary to add it on a logo but this will help to streamline your thinking about the branding ideas.


Step 2: Think


Start thinking and write down all your ideas along with the images to share with your client.

  1. Take help from Google or Nature to grab information, to increase your thinking area but not to steal any logo idea.
  2. Think at least for 4 days.


Step 3: Second Meeting


Meet again with the client to finalise 2 ideas

  1. Provide suggested color palettes to the client as per the business.
  2. Ask them to finalise the color of their business identity.


Step 4: Artwork


It’s time to do the actual artwork.

  1. Take the top 2 ideas and do the initial sketch work.
  2. Search fonts which suit your ideas.
  3. Create the black-in-white version of the logos and create at least 3 samples for each idea.
  4. Check if your logo samples are Simple, Scalable, Memorable, Versatile and Relevant.

Note: Make sure your logo samples should look good and readable in small size.


Step 5: Finalisation


A few more tweaks and you are done.

  1. Send logo design samples to the client.
  2. Add colors to the finalised logo and ready to see the happy faces. 🙂